Welcome to my Website!


Hello, my name is Ergin Güler. If you see this website although you opened www.Aardt.net or some other site of mine, that site might be down temporarily and you have been redirected here.

About me


1980: Born in Kassel

1999: Abitur in Kassel

2007: Aardt KG founded in Kassel

2013: Diploma (Architecture), TU Darmstadt

Currently living in Neckargemünd near Heidelberg, Germany.



Commercial projects


Aardt KG

Unique parts for buildings, cars, motorcycles, computer cases, boats and others. From sketch to delivery, small and large parts, any materials.


Print and web publishing

www.Atomhals.de, available November 2018



Interests/ hobbies (feel free to contact for discussions)

- vintage computing

- music (electronic, rock and metal, classic, weird)

- any weird combination of the obove (making weird music with vintage computers)

- thirtythree

Ergin Gueler - K
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